A bit of background about the Yuanjing Academy

When I was in Chongqing in April on a last look-see-and-decide trip, I was joined by my good friend and mentor, Hans Adriaansens, a leader in the liberal arts and sciences movement in Europe (mentioned in the South China Morning Post article linked below) and the person who recommended me to Hongbin (Jason) Peng, owner of Yitong College and Yuanjing Academy.  In one of the photos, you can see Hans and me  (“visiting professors”) with some students under the lovely old tree in the Yuanjing courtyard.  The AP reporter and photographer spent the day with us and, kindly, honored my request for non-mention as I’d not yet decided to take the position.

Today, four months later, classes have gotten underway and this grand adventure in higher education has begun!  The sophomores are glad to have returned “home” and the first year students are visibly excited about having been selected to join them.

As for me, I have to remember that I have a new name: I’m Dean Nyitray or, more commonly, Nan yuanzhang 南院长, and it seems that a great many people, both on and off campus, know me.  I am stopped on the street, talked to on the bus, and welcomed into every restaurant in the neighborhood.  It’s an honor and a privilege to hold this position and I plan to do my best to fulfill all our hopes.